Documents to be supplied

These documents will be requested once the form has been completed and paid for, via the secure link in the confirmation email. Documents need only be legibleso that you can compare them with your manually entered data. Minors must provide the same documents as adults.

Traveller's passport

A scan of the identity page of the valid passport used by each traveller. This is the page with the date of birth, passport number, signature, etc.

Photocopies can be in colour or black and white. It just has to be legible enough to compare the information.

⚠️ The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Saudi Arabia. The traveller must present the passport used for the e-Visa declaration. This may be an ordinary, diplomatic or special passport.

Refugee permits, travel documents or identity cards are not recognised for this purpose in Saudi Arabia.

Passport photo

A good-quality colour scan of an ID photo, ideally complying with passport photo standards: the photo must be clear, with no creases or marks.

The photo can be square or rectangular. There is no maximum weight, and we recommend a photo of at least 500 pixels per side.

The head must be completely bare, with no hats, scarves, headbands or other decorative objects. The head should be upright and the face facing the camera. The expression should be neutral and the mouth closed. Passport photos must be recent and resemble the passport photo. If women do not wear a hijab (veil) on their passport photo, they are not obliged to present a veiled photo at the time of submission.

You can take your own photoas long as you comply with the constraints listed.

⚠️ For even more convenience, you can use a photo processing tool on the Internet

Visa photo tool
Mandatory documents for Moroccans and Algerians:
  • A residence permit for the United States, United Kingdom or European Union, valid for at least 3 months after travel
  • A visa valid for at least one year at the time of travel, for the United States, the United Kingdom or the Schengen area, used at least once

Medical insurance covering your local expenses is included in the consular fee. You do not choose the insurance, which is automatically allocated to you by the Saudi government from a choice of six plans. It is therefore impossible to know the exact details of the cover, apart from the fact that it covers up to around €25,000 of medical expenses. That's why we advise our travellers to take out additional travel insurance themselves, so that you can be repatriated if necessary.