Can I travel to Saudi Arabia without a visa?

Diplomatic relations between states have been extended to include the free movement of people. Travelling to Saudi Arabia for a fixed period is therefore visa-free for certain nationals. The Saudi authorities have also established other solutions to promote tourism.

Travelling with just your home country's identity card

The particularity of these agreements lies in the need for States to promote cultural and religious values, but also to maintain good relations between neighbouring countries. In fact, nationals from neighbouring countries are exempt from visa requirements when travelling to Saudi Arabia. So if you are from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait or Oman, an identification document will allow you to set foot on Saudi soil. This makes it easier to promote free trade. You can travel freely to Saudi Arabia with an identity card or passport from one of these 4 countries.

Entering Saudi Arabia to receive a visa or opting for an e-Visa

For non-nationals from these countries, you obtain your visa from home or from customs at the airport. Since September 2019, certain countries, particularly in Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America, have been authorised to apply for an e-visa. However, before organising your trip to Saudi Arabia, it is important to ensure that your nationality is eligible.

In less than 7 days you get an electronic response, without queuing in front of an embassy or consulate general. You will then be entitled to a tourist, event, visit to relatives or pilgrimage visa with multiple entries for a minimum of 90 days, valid for one year. We recommend that you apply for an e-Visa before your departure.

Going through an embassy or consulate

This form of obtaining a visa is now required for African states, South America, etc. This way, you can make a pilgrimage to Mecca, enjoy a warm environment, etc. It's a good idea to turn to the diplomatic representation near your home.

If your country of origin has no diplomatic representation, you can contact an approved agency. These agencies are essential for organising pilgrimages to countries where there are none. It should be noted that the types of visa issued depend on the reason for your trip. In conclusion, certain conditions must be met before you can travel to Saudi Arabia without a visa.