Can I apply for a Saudi Arabia e-Visa to perform Umrah?

Like the Hajj, the Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca. The Muslim faithful regularly make this journey to the holy city. All Muslims can obtain an e-visa for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Find out how you can get your Saudi Arabia e-visa for Umrah.

What is the Umrah pilgrimage?

The Umrah, or short pilgrimage in comparison to the Hajj, is an act of worship to God in the Muslim religion. Unlike the Hajj, which is performed once a year, the Umrah is performed every month of the year. Pilgrimage is one of the key pillars of Islam. It is compulsory. To enjoy its many benefits, pilgrims must prepare themselves spiritually. So if you're ready, find out now how you can get your e-Visa.

What is the Saudi tourism e-Visa?

Since September 2019, it has become possible to travel for Umrah in Saudi Arabia with your Saudi tourism e-Visa. The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is a travel document that certifies that the beneficiary is authorised to enter and stay in Saudi Arabia for a specific period. The Saudi Tourism e-Visa has the advantage of being a multiple-entry visa valid for one year. It allows the beneficiary to stay in the country for up to 90 days in total.

How do I obtain a Saudi Arabia e-visa?

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is obtained electronically, after providing all the necessary information and paying the fee online. You can apply via the official website or through a specialist service provider.

The application is relatively quick, you need to fill in a form, then provide the few documents requested. You will then receive your e-Visa within a few days by email.