How much does a visa for Saudi Arabia cost?

Saudi Arabia is a country that requires a visa to enter. To apply for a Saudi visa, travellers have the option of using the online method or the "traditional" method. The cost and processing speed are not the same for each of these approaches.

The cost of an e-visa

With the advent of the Internet, more and more countries have adopted the electronic visa. The e-visa application is made entirely online, a simplified process that also avoids transport costs.

The Saudi e-visa is available for around forty nationalities in just a few clicks. Applications can be made at any time and from anywhere. The e-visa is valid for one year and allows travellers to stay for a total of 90 days.

The cost of this type of visa is in two parts. The cost of the e-visa is around 98 € (consular fees only, excluding service charges). Travel insurance is included in the price.

It usually takes 3 working days to process an e-visa. Please note that we are dependent on the authorities for editing times, so please submit your application as soon as your trip is confirmed.

Certain periods are also busier in terms of activity, so significant delays can be reported, such as during the Hajj period.

The cost of a standard visa

The classic Saudi Arabian visa is obtained by the traditional method. Travellers must go to the Saudi Arabian embassy and begin the application process. When travel costs are omitted, the cost of a traditional visa can be in the region of 134,00 €.

For your e-Visa, you can go to the official website, or trust a private service provider to take care of all your travel formalities. You'll be able to travel with peace of mind, and save money in the process!