How do I apply for a Saudi Arabia Electronic Visa for the pilgrimage to Mecca?

In the past, if the Umrah pilgrimage was possible on the issuance of a special visa, the fact is that, since September 2019, this religious journey is possible with the obtaining of the e-visa issued by the Saudi authorities. This new requirement has the merit of lightening the formalities involved in performing the Umrah. However, before taking the plunge, you should take the trouble to understand these formalities.

What is the electronic visa for the pilgrimage to Mecca?

The e-visa or electronic visa is an official document issued by the Saudi authorities, like the consular visa. Its purpose is to enable its holder to travel to Saudi Arabia and stay for 90 days as a tourist. What's more, Muslim tourists who hold this visa can also use it to make the Umrah to Mecca. 

In form, it is a digital document that the traveller must print out and present. Once issued, the e-visa is valid for 1 year.

Who are the recipients?

For the moment, this electronic visa is issued to anyone who is a national of one of the 42 countries categorised as "eligible" by Saudi Arabia. France is on this list, so French nationals have nothing to worry about. It should be noted that this list is destined to evolve over time.

What are the formalities for obtaining an eVisa?

The entire procedure for obtaining this visa is carried out online, on the Saudi government's Visa platform.

After creating an account, visa applicants must fill in all their personal details and include a passport photo. You will then need to fill in details of your passport, travel dates and accommodation. 

Before proceeding with payment, it is essential to check all the information provided. No changes can be made once the application has been submitted. The consular fee is 98 €

You can also entrust this task to an online agency specialising in e-Visa. As well as taking care of all your travel formalities, you can rest assured that you will be able to travel with complete peace of mind.