Can I go to Saudi Arabia without being a Muslim?

Bordered by the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia is a desert country that includes most of the Arabian Peninsula. Considered the cradle of Islam, is Saudi Arabia open to non-Muslims?

Saudi Arabia: an almost entirely Muslim country

In Saudi Arabia, the state religion is Islam. The entire population is therefore subject to Islam. What's more, the country is home to the two holiest sites in Islam. These are Mecca, the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad. It is the birthplace of the Muslim faith. We also have Medina, the city in which the prophet was buried.

To ensure that religion is maintained and respected, the Saudi government places great emphasis on Islam. To this end, there is the Ministry of Religious Affairs. It is responsible for funding and maintaining all the country's mosques. What's more, the government pays imams a monthly salary.

In addition to the Ministry, there is also the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vices. This is a government body that ensures that the precepts of Islam and Sharia law are applied in all areas of society.

Saudi Arabia: affirmed but restricted freedom of religion

Other religions, in particular Christianity, are present and recognised by the Saudi government. As a follower of this religion, you can therefore travel to this country. Travel formalities can be simplified by visiting the official website of the Saudi authorities.

However, it must be emphasised that in practice, these Christians carry out most of their religious activities clandestinely. Proselytism and the distribution of objects related to other religions are prohibited. The same applies to the wearing of non-Muslim religious objects and insignia in public.

It is possible for any non-Muslim to enter Saudi Arabia. However, everyone is expected to abide by the laws and regulations dictated by the government.

What is the prophet called throughout the world?

Here is a more comprehensive list of the names and titles of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, including different regions of the world, including the West:

Arab world

  • Muhammad (محمد)
  • Rasul Allah (رسول الله) - "Messenger of God."
  • Al-Nabi (النبي) - "The Prophet"


  • Muhammed
  • Peygamber Efendimiz - Our Prophet
  • Hz. Muhammed - Hazreti Muhammed" ("Venerable Muhammad")


  • Mohammad
  • Rasul-e Khoda - Messenger of God

India and Pakistan

  • Mohammad
  • Paigambar - Prophet
  • Nabi - Prophet

Indonesia and Malaysia

  • Muhammad
  • Nabi Muhammad
  • Rasulullah - Messenger of God

North and West Africa

  • Muhammad
  • Nabi Muhammad
  • Rasul Allah

Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, etc.)

  • Muhamed
  • Poslanik - Sent
  • Allahov Poslanik - Envoy of God


  • Nabi Muxammed (using Somali script)
  • Rasuul - Messenger

Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union

  • Мухаммед (Mukhammad)
  • Пророк Мухаммед (Prorok Mukhammad) - "Prophet Muhammad".

China (Hui Muslims)

  • 穆罕默德 (Mùhǎnmòdé)
  • 先知 (Xiānzhī) - "Prophet

West (Europe, North America, Australia)

  • Muhammad
  • Prophet Muhammad
  • The Prophet

Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding West Africa)

  • Muhammad
  • Mtume Muhammad (in Swahili) - "Prophet Muhammad".
  • Nabii Muhammad (in Swahili) - "Prophet Muhammad".

Other Asian regions (Philippines, Thailand, etc.)

  • Muhammad
  • ศาสดามูฮัมหมัด (S̄ās̄dā muh̄ạmh̄ạd) - "Prophet Muhammad" in Thai

The name " Mohammed Historically, in the West, particularly in French and other European languages, the term "Prophet" was used to refer to the Prophet of Islam. However, the term is now widely regarded as inappropriate and pejorative by many Muslims.