Will I be able to enter Saudi Arabia with my e-Visa?

Located in the desert and covering most of the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited countries in the region. This tourist attraction is justified by its importance to the Muslim community worldwide. To enter Saudi Arabia (as with any other sovereign state), a visa is required. Will an e-Visa guarantee your entry into Saudi Arabia?

Obtaining an e-Visa

Some countries have a fairly high number of visitors, and to stay there you sometimes have to wait a very long time on arrival before you get your visa. This is generally the case for travel to Saudi Arabia. e-Visas are a reliable alternative for reducing these queues at dedicated facilities and speeding up the process.

It was only recently that the Saudi authorities launched the e-Visa for more than 50 countries worldwide. This type of visa is issued to those who wish it. In reality, it is for tourism only (visits to acquaintances, pilgrimages, events, leisure activities). Those who, after registering on the online platform, have applied for and obtained their document, can only stay in the country for 90 days.

Restrictions relating to

Obtaining an e-Visa does not guarantee that tourists will be able to visit all the country's major sites. Saudi Arabia is famous for being home to the holy sites of Islam. However, with an e-Visa or even an ordinary visa, tourists are required to have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the month in which they are due to land in the Muslim state. The passport must also have a blank page for stamping.

Furthermore, any non-Muslim traveller holding an e-Visa is not able to visit Mecca or Medina. This privilege is reserved only for Muslim visitors coming for the Umrah. (to be performed outside the Hajj period).

Is entry guaranteed?

Visitors may, if they wish, make multiple entries into the country with their e-Visa. The only requirement is that they respect the 90-day time limit. However, this does not guarantee entry. Compulsory checks are carried out by an immigration officer. After checking and analysis, the officer may refuse the visitor entry to Saudi Arabia.

In general, for a person over 18, a refusal can be caused by two situations. There may be a questionable presence on the territory (the tourist appears to be a danger to the country's security). It may also be that the tourist does not meet the agent's criteria. Minors, on the other hand, are obliged to provide information from their parents or guardians.

One of the best ways of obtaining your e-visa is to enlist the help of specialist services.