Solution for Saudi Arabia e-Visa expiring during a stay

Would you like to travel to Saudi Arabia and you already have an e-Visa, but it will expire during your new stay? Don't panic! This article lists the various options and steps to follow if you want to extend or renew your e-Visa.

Why obtain a Saudi Arabia e-Visa?

The e-Visa is a compulsory travel document for visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism, business or family purposes. It was introduced in 2019 to facilitate access to the country for foreign nationals and promote tourism. Obtaining this e-visa is relatively simple and quick thanks to a dematerialised procedure. Applicants must complete an online form, provide the necessary documents and pay the visa fee by credit card.

Period of validity and conditions of use

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa generally authorises several entries into Saudi Arabia over a period of up to one year (365 days). However, the total length of stay must not exceed 90 days. These rules are strictly applied and the Saudi authorities can refuse entry or impose penalties for non-compliance.

Risk of e-Visa expiry during a stay

Although rare, it is possible for an e-Visa to expire during your stay in Saudi Arabia. It is not possible to submit a new e-Visa application as long as you have a valid visa, as a new application with the same passport number is blocked. This may happen if you have not checked the issue date and/or validity period before leaving, or if your travel plans have changed en route. In this case, it is essential to act quickly to avoid the risk of being in the country illegally.

On-site extension

If you are already in Saudi Arabia and find that your e-Visa is due to expire during your stay, the first option is to apply to the local government for a visa extension. It's best to contact the relevant departments, such as the Ministry of the Interior, via their online portal Muqeem or mobile application Absher, at least 7 days before your e-Visa expires.

It is advisable to plan ahead as much as possible to avoid your visa expiring.

Renewal from abroad

If you are not yet in Saudi Arabia and plan to overstay the validity of your e-Visa, the best option is to extend your visa before you leave or to allow time on arrival in Saudi Arabia to visit the immigration office.

If the extension is refused

There is no guarantee that your application for a visa extension will be accepted. The Saudi authorities carefully examine each application and may refuse a visa extension on justified grounds (lack of evidence, failure to comply with the conditions for using the visa, etc.). In this situation, it is essential to respect the authorities' decision and to consider other options to regularise your situation:

  • Change your travel plans to leave Saudi Arabia before your visa expires;
  • Consider another category of visa, such as a business or family visa, tailored to your situation and the requirements of the authorities;

Consequences of an expired e-Visa when visiting Saudi Arabia

Be careful about the expiry date of your e-Visa, as staying in Saudi Arabia with an expired visa may result in penalties. serious consequences. The local authorities are particularly strict about compliance with visa rules and can impose heavy penalties for non-compliance:

  • Fines Fines: Travellers can be fined up to 50,000 Saudi riyals (around USD13,300) for overstaying their visa;
  • Expulsion In the event of a serious or repeated offence, the authorities may decide to expel the offender from Saudi territory;
  • No return In certain situations, offenders may be banned from entering Saudi Arabia for a specified period.

To avoid these inconveniences, it is therefore imperative to ensure that your e-Visa does not expire during your stay in Saudi Arabia. If necessary, be diligent and proactive in requesting an extension or making a new application on arrival in the country. Be sure to check that your nationality is eligible for a visa on arrival.